Digital Marketing & SEO

Our experience in creating data-driven marketing strategies allows us to serve customers effectively in a wide range of industries.

Data is at the heart of any marketing strategy. By taking data from every available source - primary data, previous campaign performance, competitor research, customer interviews, surveys, and more - we learn about your audience, identify challenges, and begin to come up with ideas.

Our working process

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01.Public + Competition research

Digging deeper in your market

Attracting an audience requires understanding their needs and challenges. Through extensive public research, we find out what problems the public faces and what makes them tick, so that we can connect and leave a lasting impression.

Your competitors are looking for the same customers. Our team’s competitive analysis targets the landscape and begins to identify where your business can find its advantage.

02. Developing the strategy

We combine art and science.

Data is essential, but the real challenge is to find opportunities and generate information, identifying new and imaginative ways to build, hire and convert your key audience. Our brilliant marketing strategies do all this and more.

Your strategy is displayed in a presentation that diagnoses the challenges your brand faces, sets out the ideas behind our solution, and provides a detailed report.

WebHouse WebDesign - Siteuri si Magazine Online
WebHouse WebDesign - Siteuri si Magazine Online

03. Optimization and evaluation

Working on upgrades by measuring performance

Whenever possible, we avoid treating strategies as one thing. Digital marketing is iterative and a strategy should be a living thing. We aim to regularly review marketing strategies so that we can consider new data, assess whether the market has changed, and adjust the price accordingly.